Villans extend their lead in Premier Teams League

As we reached the halfway point of the Indoor Bowls Premier Teams League we saw Villans extend their lead as they beat Ramsey Raiders 6-0 and second placed Cheesemakers lose 5-1 to TBC. In the remaining match we saw DNA show good form to beat Saltire 6-0. The league positions after this are that Villans lead with 31 points followed by TBC AND Cheesemakers both on 22 points.

First Division Team

In the First Division Teams the leaders Spinners took a 4-2 win over newcomers Cowley Cannonballs despite a spirited performance from the latter team while Oddballs moved into second place with a 6-0 win over Girl Power. Elsewhere Smugglers beat Okay 4-2 and Maxums lost 4-2 to CAOS, leaving Spinners in top spot on 31 points followed by Oddballs in second place with 24 points and Smugglers third on 23 points.

Premier Pairs

The Premier Pairs League saw three teams taking 4-0 wins with Northern Nomads beating Villans, Young Guns beating Radical Heads and a strong performance from GLS saw them defeat TOU and in the remaining match Orange Peelers drew with Cheesemakers. The league positions now are Young Guns top on 20 points, Cheesemakers second on 19 points and Villans third on 17 points.

First Division Pairs

The First Division Pairs saw leaders Villa Boys hold top spot as they beat 1 in 4 with a 4-0 score as second placed Spinners also had a 4-0 victory over Kencoe and Unbelieveabowls moved into third spot as they defeated Enigma 4-0. League positions then are Villa Boys top on 22 points followed by Spinners also with 22 points and Unbelieveabowls third with 14 points.

Second Divisin Pairs

In the Second Division Pairs a terrific performance from Sunset Rollers saw them beat Sensibles 4-0 while Smooth Matters and Woodbourne Reds drew as did Reckless Rollers and Cowley Cannonballs with Colonicles beating Girl Power 4-0. This leaves Reckless Rollers top with 20 points, Sunset Rollers move into second place with 19 points and Sensibles drop to third spot on 15 points.

Tuesday Morning League

The Tuesday Morning League saw leaders Villans beat Onchan Royals 6-0 while second placed Ellan Vannin were defeated 5-1 by the ever improving newcomers Smooth Matters. Hillbillies lost 4-2 to Ramsey Raiders, Early Birds lost 6-0 to Cushags and Thru the Gap beat Maxums 4-2. This leaves Villans holding first position with 37 points, Cushags second on 28 points and Ellan Vannin third on 26 points.


Finally can I urge everyone interested in competing in the Island Indoor Bowling Championships in January to put their names on the lists in the Bowling Hall and once again I ask bowlers to please wear smooth soled shoed when on the bowling area and not to wear their outdoor shoes.