QPR and Dragons battle for lead in Team Premier League

In Week 6 of the Indoor Bowls we saw the battle for the lead in the Premier Team League intensify as Dragons beat TBC 6-0 and QPR took the same result in their match against Saltire. This put QPR top of the League with 30 points closely followed by Dragons on 29, in third place are Villans who beat Ramsey Raiders 4-2.

The Premier Pairs saw Dragons take the advantage with a 4-0 win over Young Guns while the other fancied teams could only manage draws with Villans drawing with Likely Lads, Cheesemakers drawing with Spinners and Radical Heads also taking a draw in their match against Northern Nomads. This leaves Dragons in the lead on 18 points followed by Cheesmakers on 17 points and then we have Likely Lads and Young Guns on 15 points closely followed by Villans on 14 and Radical Heads on 13.

In the Tuesday Morning League we saw Villans drop their first points as they were beaten 4-2 by second placed Ellan Vannin. Maxums had a strong performance with a 6-0 win over Castletown Crofters and in a very close match Cushags had a tight 4-2 win over Onchan Royals. Thru the Gap beat Hillbillies 6-0 and Ramsey Raiders beat Early Birds 4-2. This meant that Villans still lead with 40 points followed by Ellan Vannin on 24 points and Maxums on 22 points.

The First Division Pairs saw leaders Castletown Crofters take a 4-0 win from Enigma while Terriers beat Odds and Bobs 3-1 and Huff n Puff beat P.A.L 4-0 with the final game being a tight 2-2 draw between Bowledly Going Nowhere and Orange Peelers. This meant that Castletown Crofters lead on 20 points with Terriers on 16 points and Huff n Puff third with 14 points.

The shock result of the week came in the First Division Teams where Odd Balls beat the leaders Maxums 5-1. Castletown Crofters beat Mann Utd 6-0 with Bowledly Going Nowhere also beating Odds and Bobs 6-0. Finally in this League we saw Flat Mats take their first win off the season by beating Smugglers 4-2. This meant that Maxums still lead from Bowledly Going Nowhere with Odd Balls in third place.

The Second Division Pairs saw leaders Reckless Rollers play second place Odds and Bobs 2 in a hard fought match which eventually saw Odds and Bobs 2 come away with a 4-0 win to take them to the top of the League. The other big story was of Questionnaires which is made up of two men new to the game who have practised hard and get better each week and this time they took their first win by beating the experienced Woodbourne Reds 3-1. Outcasts and Flat Mats had a 2-2 draw and Corrin’s Folly took a 4-0 win when Ramsey Raiders were unable to field a team. So in this league Odds and Bobs 2 now lead with 22points, Reckless Rollers are second on 18 points and Outcasts third on 15 points.