Young Guns take Pairs League win

The last match night of the Indoor Bowls Association 2019/2020 season saw Young Guns take a well deserved Premier Pairs League Championship title despite being pushed all the way by Villans. On the night Young Guns beat Orange Peelers 4-0 and TOU also has a 4-0 win against Tee Pegs. Villans had a 4-0 win walkover over GLS who were unable to be there on the night and Cheesemakers also had the same result against Radical Heads. This saw Young Guns take the title after playing sixteen games without a loss, having won ten and drawing six.

This means that after a closely contested season that Young Guns are League Champions with 50 points and in second place are Villans on 46 points with Cheesemakers third on 43 points. In fourth place were Tee Pegs with 34 points followed by GLS on 29 points and then TOU with 24 points. In seventh place are Radical Heads with 21 points followed by Northern Nomads on the same points and finally Orange Peelers in ninth place with 20 points.

So at the conclusion of the season, the Champions are as follows:

  • Premier Pairs – Young Guns
  • First Division Pairs – Villa Boys
  • Second Division Pairs – Sunset Rollers
  • Premier Teams League – Villans
  • First Division Teams – Spinners
  • Tuesday Morning League – Villans.

This then brings us to the end of a very successful season which has seen a number of promising new players emerge and show that they will be a force to reckon with in the future.

Last week I mentioned that our Annual General Meeting was to be on the 27th March but sadly due to recent events it has been postponed and we will announce the new date as soon as we are in a position to do so.


Young Guns take lead in Premier Pairs

In the penultimate round of the Indoor Bowling Association Premier Pairs on Monday 9th March, we saw Young Guns beat Northern Nomads 4-0 while Cheesemakers lost 4-0 to Tee Pegs and Orange Peelers and Radical Heads played out a 2-2 draw. The remaining team in the League Villans had a bye so this now leaves Young Guns top of the league on 46 points with Villans second on 42 points and Cheesemakers third with 39 points. Whilst I would normally just look at the top three I am going to cover all the league positions this week and we have Tee Pegs fourth with 34 points, GLS fifth with 29 points and then anyone of the teams below them could end in the bottom relegation place. In sixth place, we have Radical Heads on 21 points and in seventh place Northern Nomads also on 21 points followed by TOU and Orange Peelers both on 20 points.

I will continue my review of the remaining leagues which have now finished with a look back at the highly successful Tuesday Morning League which was won by Villans who were followed by Cushags and Ellan Vannin. I think we need to look at the true measure of Villans performance in this league as in the eighteen games played they won the first seventeen and drew the last one with Ellan Vannin. In doing this they amassed 94 points which saw them finish 25 points ahead of second-placed Cushags with an overall chalk difference of +355 while Cushags had a chalk difference of +24. A lot of credit though must go to Cushags for their well earned second place and although they are very competitive they are always a pleasure to play against and really seem to enjoy their bowling. Ellan Vannin in third place played well all season as ever and a special mention must go to Smooth Matters who were new to Indoor Bowling and improved throughout the season and achieved their aim not to finish bottom and hopefully come back next season to finish in a much higher position.

The First Division Team League was won by Spinners who won ten out of their fourteen games which saw them finish with 56 points and in second place came Maxums with 46 points and in third place were Smugglers who also finished with 46 points. It was nice to see three new teams in this league this year and we saw rapid improvement throughout the season from CAOS, Cowley Cannonballs and Girl Power.

Finally this week I would like to remind all members of the Isle of Man Indoor Bowling Association that the Annual General Meeting will be held at the NSC Bowls Hall on Friday 27th March at 6-30pm.

Close at the top in the Premier Pairs League

In a week that saw most Leagues finish their Indoor Bowling season, we saw some great bowling and one title still to be won.

The Premier Pairs League is the one which will run until 16th March and this saw Villans and Young Guns battle to a draw while Tee Pegs beat Orange Peelers 4-0 and GLS beat Radical Heads 3-1. In the final match of the night, there was a closely fought game between TOU and Northern Nomads which ended in a 2-2 draw.

First Division Pairs

The First Division Pairs saw top team Villa Boys beat second-placed Spinners 4-0 while third-placed Unbelievabowls beat 1 in 4 also with a 4-0 result and Kencoe beat Enigma 4-0. This then left Villa Boys top with 50 points, Spinners second on 38 points and Unbelievabowls third with 30 points.

Tuesday Morning League

In the final matches of the season in the Tuesday Morning League, we saw Champions Villans lose their 100% win record as they drew 3-3 with Ellan Vannin and second-placed Cushags also drew 3-3 with Thru the Gap. Ramsey Raiders beat Onchan Royals 4-2, Early Birds lost 6-0 to Maxums and Hillbillies beat Smooth Matters 4-2. The final positions then are Villans winners with 94 points, Cushags second on 69 points and Ellan Vannin third on 67 points.

Premier Pairs

With all the other Leagues finished this gives us a chance to cover the latest round of the Premier Pairs which was played just in time to be covered in this article. This saw Villans beat Northern Nomads 3-1 while Young Guns beat Radical Heads 4-0, GLS drew 2-2 with Tee Pegs and Cheesemakers beat Orange Peelers 4-0. With two matches left to go this leaves Villans top with 42 points followed by Young Guns also on 42 points and Cheesemakers third on 39 points. I have to say though that I think that Young Guns are now the favourites to win this league as Villans have a bye next week and Young Guns are unlikely to drop many points in their remaining two games.

I will end this week with a quick look back at the First Division and Second Division Pairs Leagues which have already finished and the performances of some of the teams in them.

First Division Pairs

In the First Division Pairs, we had an interesting battle between Spinners who had dropped down from the Premier Pairs the previous season and Villa Boys who were newly promoted from the Second Division. This was a relatively close thing up until the last three weeks when Spinners lost a few points and Villa Boys maintained their form to eventually win by twelve clear points.

Second Division Pairs

The Second Division Pairs was closely contested throughout the season and on the final night any one of three teams could have won it but it was Sunset Rollers who held their nerve to win the league by chalk difference over Reckless Rollers with Woodbourne Reds third. A special mention must go to Cowley Cannonballs who were complete newcomers but improved well and eventually missed out on third spot by one point.

More leagues won in indoor bowling leagues

After the latest round of the Indoor Bowling Season we have just one League left to be decided with that being the Premier Pairs which we will start with. This saw leaders Young Guns draw with Cheesemakers while Villans beat Radical Heads 4-0 to move into top spot. Northern Nomads lost 4-0 to GLS and TOU also lost 4-0 to Orange Peelers. This then sees Villans in first place with 37 points, Young Guns second on 36 points and Cheesemakers third with 35 points.

First Division Pairs

In the First Division Pairs we saw Villa Boys who were newly promoted from the Second Division at the beginning of the season make it two promotions in two seasons by beating 1 in 4 with a 4-0 score line while second placed Spinners lost 3-1 to Kencoe. In the remaining match of the night Unbelievabowls beat Enigma 4-0 leaving Villa Boys as the league winners on 46 points followed by Spinners on 38 points and Unbelievabowls third on 26 points.

Second Division Pairs

The final night of the Second Division Pairs started with three teams having a chance of winning the title of Champions and we saw leaders Sunset Rollers beat third placed Woodbourne Reds 4-0 and second placed Reckless Rollers beat the Sensibles 4-0 while Cowley Cannonballs also had a 4-0 victory over Smooth Matters. This meant that both Sunset Rollers and Reckless Rollers ended on 34 points but as Sunset Rollers had a chalk difference of 90 and their opponents a chalk difference of 64 the league positions ended Sunsets Rollers top followed by Reckless Rollers with Woodbourne Reds third on 28 points.

Premier Teams

In the Premier Teams Villans who had already won the League beat second placed Cheesemakers 4-2 while DNA lost 4-2 to TBC and Ramsey Raiders beat Saltire 6-0. The top three then at the end of Premier Team season is Villans as Champions with Cheesemakers second and TBC third.

First Division Teams

The First Division Teams final evening saw long time leaders Spinners take the title by beating Cowley Cannonballs 6-0 while second placed Maxums lost 4-2 to Okay, CAOS beat Odd Balls 4-2 and Girl Power lost 4-2 to Smugglers. This meant that Spinners win the league on 56 points followed by Maxums on 46 points and Smugglers third also on 46 points.

Tuesday Morning League

In the Tuesday Morning League Villans who had already won the league beat Onchan Royals 6-0, Cushags lost 4-2 to Ellan Vannin and Thru the Gap beat Early Birds 4-2. Hillbillies and Maxums played out a 3-3 draw and finally Smooth Matters lost 4-2 to Ramsey Raiders. This meant that the top we have Villans with 91 points with Cushags second on 66 points and Ellan Vannin third on 64 points.

Another League win for Villans

Week 13 of the Indoor Bowls Premier Team League may have been unlucky for Villans as they were beaten 5-1 by Ramsey Raiders but it still proved successful for them as the 1 point that they picked up was enough for them to seal their second League win of the season. We also saw Cheesemakers seal second spot as they drew 3-3 with TBC.  In the remaining match of the night Birdies were beaten 6-0 by DNA with this all meaning that Villans then take the League win with 51 points followed by Cheesemakers on 43 points and in third place are TBC with 36 points.

First Division Team

In the First Division Teams the leaders Spinners beat CAOS 4-2 while Maxums 6-0 win over Cowley Cannonballs gave them an outside chance of taking the title but it would mean them winning 6-0 and Spinners losing 6-0 to Cowley Cannonballs in the one remaining match of the season. In the other matches a great performance from Girl Power saw them defeat Odd Balls 6-0 and Okay lost 4-2 to Smugglers. The League positions with only 1 match to go are Spinners top with 50 points followed by Maxums on 44 points and Smugglers third with 42 points.

Premier Pairs

In the Premier Pairs Young Guns beat GLS 4-0, Cheesemakers drew 2-2 with TOU, Villans also drew 2-2 with Tee Pegs  and Radical Heads beat Northern Nomads 4-0. This leaves Young Guns top on 34 points followed by Villans and Cheesemakers both on 33 points so we are all looking forward to a great end of season battle for top spot.

First Division Pairs

In the First Division Pairs the top placed Villa Boys beat Enigma 4-0, second placed Spinners had a 4-0 victory over 1 in 4 and Unbelievabowls lost 3-1 to Kencoe. This left Villa Boys top on 42 points, Spinners second on 37 points and Unbelievabowls third on 22 points.

Second Division Pairs

Some great bowling in the penultimate night of the Second Division Pairs left three teams in the running for the League win on the last evening of their season. Reckless Rollers drew 2-2 with Cowley Cannonballs while Woodbourne Reds beat Smooth Matters 4-0 and Girl Power drew 2-2 with the Sensibles and Sunset Rollers had a bye. This leaves Sunset Rollers top on 30 points followed by Reckless Rollers also on 30 points and Woodbourne Reds third on 28 points and all with a chance of winning the League in the final fixtures of the season. In this the leaders Sunset Rollers play third placed Woodbourne Reds and second placed Reckless Rollers play the Sensibles so we are looking forward to an exciting nights bowling on Friday night.

Tuesday Morning League

Finally we take a brief look at the Tuesday Morning League where Villans, who have already taken the title, beat Smooth Matters 6-0, Thru the Gap beat Maxums 4-2, and Onchan Royals defeated Ellan Vannin also 4-2. Hillbillies lost 4-2 to Ramsey Raiders and Cushags beat Early Birds 4-2 leaving Villans top on 85 points followed by Cushags on 64 and in third place Ellan Vannin on 60 points.


Villans win Tuesday Morning League

The main story of this weeks Indoor Bowling is that after fifteen games and with another three games remaining, the Villans have clinched the Tuesday Morning League title with a 6-0 win over Hillbillies while second placed Cushags beat Smooth Matters 5-1 and third placed Ellan Vannin had a 4-2 win over Early Birds. In the remaining two games Ramsey Raiders beat Maxums 4-2 and Onchan Royals lost 4-2 to Thru the Gap. This then leaves Villans top on 79 points with Cushags second on 60 points and Ellan Vannin third with 58 points which means that Villans become League Champions with an unassailable lead of 19 points.

Premier Team

In the Premier Teams League we saw Saltire defeated 6-0 by TBC, Villans beat DNA 4-2 and Birdies beat Ramsey Raiders 4-2. The League positions after this show Villans top with 50 points, Cheesemakers second on 40 points and TBC third with 33 points.

First Division Team

The First Division Teams League saw leaders Spinners beaten 4-2 by Okay while second placed Maxums beat Odd Balls 6-0 and third placed Smugglers defeated 4-2 by CAOS. In the remaining game Cowley Cannonballs beat Girl Power 4-2 leaving Spinners still top with 46 points, Maxums second on 38 points and Smugglers third also with 38 points.

Premier Pairs

The Premier Pairs League is proving to be a closely fought competition and here we saw leaders Villans held to a draw by TOU while second placed Cheesemakers beat Northern Nomads 4-0 while Tee Pegs and Radical Heads fought out a draw and GLS beat Orange Peelers 4-0. This means that one point separates the top three with Villans top and Cheesemakers second both on 31 points and Young Guns third on 30 points.

First Division Pairs

In the First Division Pairs there were testing times for the top two teams with leaders Villa Boys held to a draw by Kencoe and second placed Spinners beaten 3-1 by Unbelievabowls while the remaining match between Enigma and 1 in 4 was won 4-0 by the latter team. This leaves Villa Boys top with 38 points with Spinners second on 33 points and Unbelievabowls third on 21 points.

Second Division Pairs

In the final competition of the week the Second Division Pairs we saw Reckless Rollers put on a great show of bowling to beat leaders Sunset Rollers 4-0, Smooth Matters drew with the Sensibles and Woodbourne Reds beat Girl Power 4-0. The leaders at this stage then are Sunset Rollers with 30 points with Reckless Rollers second on 28 points and Woodbourne Reds third on 24 points.

championship trophies

It’s a ‘champion’ day for Paula and Mark

The Isle of Man Indoor Bowling Championship on Saturday 1st February treated spectators to some great bowling as players competed for the Triples, Pairs and Ladies’ and Men’s Singles titles.

The afternoon’s bowling opened with the Triples event which saw Bernice and Clive McGreal and Janice Pilling take on Jimmy Sansom and Paula and Stuart Garrett. The trio of Bernice, Janice and Clive started strongly with Bernice leading very well and at the halfway stage they held a 9-0 lead but their opponents rallied to win three ends but on the day the McGreal, Pilling partnership were too strong and ran out 15 – 4 winners.

The Pairs Final saw David Quirk and Dee Lewis takes on Shaun Seal and Ian Moore and although the latter pair scored the first chalk it was the Quirk/Lewis pairing that dominated the early game and at halfway stage had taken an 8-1 lead. We then saw a great fight back from Seal and Moore and at the end of the regulation ten ends the score was level at 8 -8 which meant a one end tie break which was won David Quirk and Dee Lewis making them the Pairs Champions.

Paula Garrett IOM ladies singles champion 2020

In the Ladies Singles we saw reigning champion Paula Garrett defend her title against Janice Pilling and we saw a great performance from Paula as she played a calm and controlled game and proved to be too strong for her opponent who played well but was never able to take control of the game. It was Garrett then who went on to win in straight sets taking the first one 9-4 and the second one 10-1 to win her second successive Ladies Singles Championship.

mark mcgreal IOM mens singles champion 2020

The Men’s Singles saw Jimmy Sansom matched against Mark McGreal and this turned out to be a match of great quality with both players drawing some great shots and adding a little weight to their shots when required. I think it would be fair to say that Mark started as favourite but this didn’t deter Jimmy who took the first set 6-5 scoring two on the last end. Mark then retaliated and won  the second set 9-6 and then winning the tie break to take the Championship title. This was a match that was a credit to both players and one perhaps that no one deserved to lose.

To sum up this was great Championship Finals Day and the whole of the three weeks of the Championship have seen some great bowling and sportsmanship and has been a credit to all taking part. The Ladies and Men’s Singles Championship Winners have now qualified to take part in the 2020 World Bowls Indoor Championships in Bristol from the 20th to 24th April so our best wishes go to Paula Garrett and Mark McGreal who will be representing the Isle of Man in this.

Indoor bowls info

Good afternoon everyone

Congratulations to our Champions and to all who took part in the last 3 weeks of Championship bowls.

  • Singles Champions are Paula Garrett and Mark McGreal
  • Pairs – David Quirk and Dee Lewis
  • Triples – Janice Pilling, Bernice and Clive McGreal

Well done everyone and many thanks to all who organised and/or came to support, mark, umpire and assist.

This is a reminder that the evening league matches re-commence tonight so we all need to get back to the business of working our way up the tables or, for the favoured few, preserving top spot! League trophies will be presented at the AGM.

The 2020 IOMIBA Annual General Meeting will be held at the NSC Bowls Hall on Friday, 27th March at 6.30pm. All motions for consideration and nominations for committee should be forwarded to me no later than 1st March 2020.