Conditions of Play

IOMIBA Leagues 2021-22   –   Conditions of Play


1. The Laws of the Sport of Bowls, Crystal Mark Third Edition will apply unless otherwise stated in these Conditions of Play.
2. The leagues shall consist of a number of teams composed of a minimum of three (3) players or more for Team Leagues and two (2) or more for Pairs Leagues. The Singles League shall consist of single individuals.  All teams / individuals must register their squad / themselves with IOMIBA prior to the first game of the season. Once a player has played three times for a Team they are restricted to that Team, however they may change to another Team if they have played less than three games in the Team they are registered with. Players may only change Teams once a season.
3. Morning league matches will commence at 10.00 am.

Afternoon league matches will commence at 2.00 pm.

Friday evening league matches shall be in two sections, commencing at 6.30pm and 8.00pm as per the fixture list. All other evening league matches shall commence at 6.30 pm.

4. The names of the players must be registered by the captain of each team.  League players must be fully paid up members of the Indoor Bowling Association and current NSC contract holders.
5. All participating players must be registered 10 minutes before the start of the match with their names entered on the score sheet for each game.  A registered player may be changed up until the start of their game if the player has been delayed by events beyond their control.
6. Team Matches

Matches will consist of three games played in the following order:-

One game of Singles (duration 10 ends).  Four woods each.

One game of Pairs (duration 8 ends).  Four woods each player.

One game of Triples (duration 8 ends).  Three woods each player.

The winners of each game shall be awarded two points, with one point each for a draw.

Each team match has six points at stake.

The order of play may be changed in exceptional circumstances but only by mutual consent of both Team Captains and there must be a minimum of two players with the Team at all times.

The “HOME” team is responsible for providing a marker at the scoreboard end for Singles Games and the Away Team for the placement of the Jack etc at the other end.

A minimum of two registered players from each team MUST be present prior to the start of a match, one of whom must be registered to play the singles game. All registered players must be present before the start of the pairs game.

If no players from a team are present 10 minutes prior to the start of a match then the opposing team will be awarded a match win, gaining 2 points and 10 shots for each unplayed game.

If a team is present with only one registered player for the start of a match, that team is deemed to have lost both the triples and pairs games and the opposing team will be awarded the game win, gaining 2 points and 10 shots for each unplayed game. The player present can, however, continue to play the singles game. The latter only applies if the games are running in the usual order and the order has not been changed due to exceptional circumstances.




Pairs Matches

Each match shall be played over two sets, each set consisting of 7 ends. Four woods each player.

The winner of a set will be the pair with the highest number of shots when the seventh end is completed. If the shot scores are tied after the seventh end of a set, the set will be a draw.

The winners of each set shall be awarded two points, with one point each for a draw.  Each pairs match has 4 points at stake.

If a team is absent or with only one registered player present at the start time of a match, that team will be deemed to have lost the match and the opposing team will be awarded the match win, gaining 4 points and 14 shots.

8. Singles Matches

Each match will consist of 14 ends.  Four woods each player.

The winner will be the player who has scored the highest number of shots over the 14 ends.  If both players have scored the same number of shots, the match will be a draw.  Three points will be awarded for a win, one point each for a draw. If a player is absent at the start time of a match they will be deemed to have lost that match and their opponent will be awarded the match win, gaining 3 points and 14 shots.

Markers will be allocated from other singles league players on a rotational basis i.e. each player will be expected to mark one of the other matches approximately one week in two. Markers names will be displayed on the fixture list.

9. Substitutes

A Member, once having played three times for a team, is restricted to that team in the same league.  However, players may act as substitute for a team in a HIGHER league, but subject to normal subs rule. Players may not substitute for another team in the same league and may not play at any time as substitute for a team in a LOWER league. Players may only act as Substitute for any Team on a maximum of two occasions. Any paid up IOMIBA Member who holds a current NSC Ticket may play as a substitute subject to the above but any Player acting as a Substitute may not play the Singles game of a Team Fixture.

If a player in the Team / Pairs league has to leave the green during the course of a game due to illness or some other reasonable cause and both skips are in agreement, a substitute may be introduced.  Where the skips cannot agree, a qualified umpire or member of the Committee can approve the introduction of a substitute.  The said substitute may be drawn from any registered member of the same team who is present at time of the incident, or from other players satisfying the normal criteria for substitutes as mentioned above.  Once substituted, a player may not return to the game. In the event that no substitute is available, the relevant set / section of the match will be awarded to the opponents. In the case of the Singles league, the match will be awarded to the opponent in full.

10. Result sheets to be signed by both Skips and placed in the results folder in the middle drawer of the desk at the end of matches.
11. Rinks used for matches shall be as indicated on the League Fixture List.
12. At the start of a match the away team to have the Jack.
13. Inspecting the head:  The skip / singles player may visit the head once per end before the delivery of the last wood.
14. Re-spotting the jack:

If a jack in motion passes completely outside the boundaries of the rink of play, or rebounds to a distance of less than 20 metres from the mat line, the end should not be declared dead. Instead, the jack should be placed with the nearest point of the jack to the mat line at the appropriate spot described as follows and play should continue:

i) If the jack passes outside the side boundary on the right of the rink, it should be placed on the appropriate spot marked on the right hand side of the rink, which is level with the “T”

ii)  If the jack passes outside the side boundary on the left of the rink, it should be placed on the appropriate spot marked on the left hand side of the rink, level with the “T”

iii)  If the jack passes over the face of the bank (over the ditch) that is within the side boundaries of the rink of play, it should be placed on the central “T” marking.

If the appropriate spot is partly or completely covered by a bowl, the jack should be placed as close as possible to the covered spot, in line with that spot and the corresponding spot at the opposite end of the rink, without touching a bowl.

15. Prompt play:

Slow play should be avoided. Notwithstanding that team discussions are sometimes necessary if a head is complex and the game close, lengthy team discussions should be avoided and play should recommence promptly.

Attention is also drawn to Crystal Mark third edition, law 13 with regard to possession of the rink.

16. Practice

Practice is allowed as follows:

a) Players who have not already played on the day of a match may practice on any rink other than the match rink up to 15 mins before match time.

b) May be allowed for a team with a bye notwithstanding that the team or player may have already played on the same green on the same day.  The Fixture Secretary or Committee Member shall allocate lanes.

c) If two players or teams are entitled to practice they may practice together.

17. Disputes

If a dispute arises in a game, the two Skips will make a decision in accordance with The Laws of the Sport, Crystal Mark Third Edition, a copy of which is available in the bowls hall.  If a decision cannot be agreed and a qualified umpire is present, he or she will decide, in which case THE DECISION OF THE UMPIRE SHALL BE FINAL.  If no umpire is present the end shall be played again. A letter may be sent to the Committee by either Skip within three days of the dispute arising providing details of the incident for their consideration.

18. Match Schedules

All matches will be played in accordance with the fixture list on the date and rink specified thereon.

Exceptions to the above rule are as follows:

a) Should a player(s) be chosen to represent the Isle of Man at any type of national or international level bowls event, then that player may apply to the committee for permission to rearrange any team or pairs league match(es) which is / are scheduled during the time the player(s) is off island at the designated competition.

In the event of the player representing the island in an U25s event, this exception will extend to his/her travelling companion should that person also play in the same team or pairs that the representative is registered with

b) Bearing in mind the current situation regarding Covid 19, if a team member is unable to play due to illness or the sudden need to isolate and a substitute cannot be acquired (subs should be used wherever possible), matches may be considered for rearrangement in consultation with the opposing team captain and the committee.  PLEASE DO NOT COME IF YOU ARE UNWELL.

It will remain the responsibility of the team captains to inform the opposing team captain PROMPTLY if a match cannot go ahead and to agree any re-scheduled dates, in any event all games must be completed by the last playing date published for the affected league.

c) Rearrangement of up to two matches in each league may also be permitted for reasons other than illness.  Such rearrangements must be formally agreed by both individual players / Team Captains at least two weeks in advance of any scheduled match and a completed and signed Rearrangement Request Form submitted to the Committee for consideration. The rearranged match must be played within three weeks of the original date, but may be played in advance. The player / Captain making the request will be responsible for ensuring that a rink is available to enable the match to proceed on the agreed rearranged date.

19. Promotion and Relegation

Monday           Pairs  – Premier Division

Tuesday          Pairs  – 1st Division

Wednesday     Team – Premier Division

Thursday         Team – 1st Division

All of the above mentioned leagues shall operate on a 1 up and 1 down basis with the Champions being promoted and the bottom team being relegated.

20. All electronic devices (i.e. mobile phones, pagers, cameras etc.) must be either switched off or on “silent” mode.  Players are not permitted to receive or make calls or texts whilst playing a game.
21. On the first playing dates for each league copies of the IOMIBA League Rules and Fixture Schedules will be available to team captains.
22. Each team captain will receive a list of all league captains showing contact details on request via the secretary.

Members are reminded that the NSC is a totally NO SMOKING facility and that ban extends to the use of e-cigarettes.

Download a copy of the 2021-2022 Conditions of Play