Villans top three Leagues in Indoor Bowling

After the first four weeks of the I.O.M.I.B.A Indoor Bowling season the Villans are in top spot in the Premier Pairs, Premier Team and Tuesday Morning League. Although I am sure they would point out that it is ‘early days’ and in the Premier Pairs and Premier Teams, Cheesemakers have a game in hand over them.

Premier Pairs

A quick look at the Premier Pairs for week 4 shows that Villans beat TOU 4-0, Young Guns beat GLS, and Tee Pegs beat Orange Peelers by the same 4-0 score line. Northern Nomads beat Radical Heads 3-1 and Cheesemakers had a bye. This puts Villans in top place with 12 points followed by Cheesemakers also on 12 points and Young Guns third on 11 points.

Tuesday Morning League

In the Tuesday Morning League, Hillbillies beat Thru the Gap 4-2, Cushags beat Smooth Matters 4-2, Ellan Vannin had a good 6-0 win over Early Birds, with Ramsey Raiders losing 4-2 to Villans, and the Onchan Royals, Maxums game played out a 3-3 draw. The League positions after this are Villans top on 21 points with Cushags second on 18 points and Ellan Vannin third on 17 points.

First Division Pairs

The First Division Pairs saw Villa Boys beat 1 in 4 with a 4-0 score, and Spinners beat Kencoe 4-0 ,while Unbelieveabowls went down 4-0 to and in-form Enigma pairing. This leaves Villa Boys top of the League on 14 points with Spinners second also on 14 points and Kencoe third on 7 points.

Premier Team

In the Premier Teams, we saw a close game between TBC and Ramsey Raiders ending in a 3-3 draw with some great bowls played. The Villans beat Saltire 5-1, and DNA lost 4-2 to Birdies, the Cheesemakers had a bye. The end result of this was that Villans held their top spot with 19 points with TBC second on 13 points and Cheesemakers third on 11 points.

First Division Team

Thursday nights First Division Team competition saw Spinners take a convincing 6-0 win over CAOS, while Girl Power lost 4-2 to Cowley Cannonballs ,and Odd Balls beat Okay 4-2.  Maxums and Smugglers played out a 3-3 draw with this then putting Spinners top of the League with 17 points followed by Maxums and Smugglers both on 13 points.

Second Division Pairs

The Second Division Pairs saw leaders Sensibles held to a draw by Girl Power, and Reckless Rollers also had a draw against Woodbourne Reds. The rapidly improving Cowley Cannonballs had a 4-0 win over Colonicles, and Smooth Matters drew with Sunset Rollers. So after the first four weeks in this League, we have Sensibles still top on 11 points with Reckless Rollers second and Sunset Rollers third both on 10 points.

Great win for Cushags in Tuesday Morning League

Tuesday Morning League

In this weeks Indoor Bowling report we will start with the Tuesday Morning League where a great performance from Cushags saw them take a 6-0 victory over Onchan Royals elevating them to second place in the League, three points behind leaders Villans who defeated Thru the Gap 5-1. Third placed Ellan Vannin lost 4-2 to Ramsey Raiders. Hillbillies lost 4-2 to Early Birds, and Maxums beat Smooth Matters 6-0. These encounters left Villans in top spot with 17 points, Cushags second with 14 points, and Ellan Vannin third with 11 points.

Premier Team

In the Premier Team League we saw Cheesemakers defeat leaders Villans 4-2, while third placed TBC beat Birdies with the same score line, and DNA beaten 4-2 by Ramsey Raiders. This means that after three matches, the Villans lead on 14 points, followed by Cheesemakers on 11 points and TBC on 10 points.

First Division Team

The First Division Teams Competition saw leaders CAOS lose 4-2 to Okay. Maxums beat Cowley Cannonballs 4-2, Girl Power lost 5-1 to Smugglers and Spinners beat Odd Balls 4-2. The league positions then are Spinners top with 11 points, Maxums second on 10 points, and Okay third also on 10 points.

Premier Pairs

Cheesemakers extended their lead in the Premier Pairs by beating GLS 4-0, while Orange Peelers drew 2-2 with Northern Nomads. TOU also had a draw with Radical Heads, and Villans beat Tee Pegs 4-0. Leaders Cheesemakers now have 12 points with second placed Villans on 8 points, and Young Gun third with 7 points.

First Division Pairs

In the First Division Pairs Villa Boys jumped into the top position by beating Enigma 4-0. Unbelieveabowls lost 3-1 to Kencoe, and Spinners beat 1 in 4 with a 4-0 score line. Villa Boys top the league equal on 10 points with Spinners with Kencoe third on 7 points.

Second Division Pairs

The Second Division Pairs is proving to be a close fought competition with a lot of close matches. Sensibles beat Woodbourne Reds 3-1, while Reckless Rollers beat Girl Power 4-0 and Sunset Rollers drew with Colonicles. Cowley Cannonballs also drew with Smooth Matters. This means that the League is led by the Sensibles with 9 points followed by Reckless Rollers and Sunset Rollers both with 8 points and in fourth place are Colonicles with 7 points.

Cheesemakers Top the Indoor Bowls Premier Pairs

This week’s bowls update:

Premier Pairs

The Indoor Bowls Premier Pairs League saw two of the fancied teams Cheesemakers and Villans meet in a match that was won 4-0 by the Cheesemakers, although this score line did not really reflect the form of the teams as both pairs played well and the match could just as easily have gone to the Villans. Young Guns beat Tee Pegs 3-1 to take second spot in the League, while Orange Peelers beat GLS 4-0, and Northern Nomads drew 2-2 with TOU.

Tuesday Morning League

The Tuesday Morning League saw Villans beat Hillbillies 6-0, Earlybirds lost 4-2 to Onchan Royals, and Cushags beat Ramsey Raiders 4-2. This year’s new team, Smooth Matters, picked up their first points of the season in a 3-3 draw with Thru the Gap and finally Ellan Vannin beat Maxums 5-1.

First Division Pairs

The First Division Pairs saw leaders Spinners still hold on to top spot despite being held to a draw by Unbelievabowls, while the Villa Boys moved into second place by beating Kencoe 4-0, and Enigma went down 3-1 to One in Four.

Premier League

In the Premier League we had a keenly contested match between TBC and Villans ending in a 6-0 win for Villans with this match seeing some great bowls played by both teams. Cheesemakers beat Saltire 4-2, and Birdies beat Ramsey Raiders 4-2.

First Division Team

There were some close matches in the First Division Teams with Smugglers beating the Odd Balls 4-2, Maxums also having a 4-2 win over Girl Power, CAOS beating Cowley Cannonballs 6-0 and Okay having a 4-2 win over Spinners.

Second Division Pairs

The Final League of the week was the Second Division Pairs and in this the new pairing of Cowley Cannonballs got their first points of the season as they drew with the Sunset Rollers, Reckless Rollers beat Smooth Matters 4-0, Woodbourne Reds beat Girl Power 3-1 and Colonicles drew with Sensibles.

League Tables

A quick look at the League Tables shows that Cheesemakers lead the Premier Pairs, Villans hold the top spot in the Tuesday Morning League and Spinners are in prime position in the First Division Pairs. The Premier Teams League has Villans in first spot, First Division Teams are led by newcomers CAOS and in the Second Division Pairs we see Sensibles in top spot but they are equal on 6 points with second placed Sunset Rollers.

Round Robins

Finally may I just say how good it is to see the Saturday Round Robin Event being so well supported and becoming a highlight of the week for those who enjoy taking part in what is a friendly, fun event but still played very competitively.

Good start for TBC and Villans in Premier Team Competition

john kewley and paul cowley.

As promised, a quick report on the rest of the first week’s matches of the 2018/2019 Indoor Bowling League season.

Premier Team

The first night of the Indoor Bowls Premier Team League saw a good start for TBC and Villans with TBC taking a 6-0 win over Saltire and Villans also taking a 6-0 win from the Birdies. In the other match played that night, we saw highly-tipped Cheesemakers held to a 3-3 draw by the League’s newcomers DNA.

First Division Team

In the First Division Teams, we saw Spinners beat Smugglers 5-1 and Odd Balls took a 4-2 victory over Maxums. While there was a great start to the season for new team Cowley Cannonballs as they beat Okay 4-2. In the final match of the night CAOS lost 4-2 to Girl Power.

Second Division Pairs

The final league of the week was the Second Division Pairs and in this we saw the Sensibles beat Cowley Cannonballs 4-0 and Sunset Rollers making my tip to win this competition look questionable as they beat Reckless Rollers 4-0. Smooth Matters got a walkover as their opponents were unable to field a team on the night and in the final match Colonicles beat Woodbourne Reds 3-1.

League Positions

I know it is very early to talk about league positions, but a quick look at the Indoor Bowls League Table after the first week shows Young Guns topping the Premier Pairs while the Premier League is led by TBC. The First Division Pairs are led by Kencoe and the First Division Teams are led by Spinners. The leaders in the Second Division Pairs courtesy of a walkover in their first match are Smooth Matters while finally the very popular Tuesday Morning League is topped by Onchan Royals.

Great start for the tipped teams in the Indoor Bowls

david quirk delivering a bowl, watched by ben dugdale

The first matches of the 2018/2019 Indoor Bowling League took place on Monday 14th October with the Premier Pairs taking part on the green carpet at the NSC Bowling Hall.

Premier Pairs

Highly tipped Cheesemakers played Northern Nomads and, although they were given a tough battle in this match, the Cheesemakers eventually ran out 4-0 winners. Newly promoted Orange Peelers played the ever consistent Villans and the newcomers certainly gave a good account of themselves by playing some great bowls, but their opponents held their form throughout to take the match 4-0. A great battle between Radical Heads and Tee Pegs ended in a 2-2 draw, and finally, Young Guns beat TOU 4-0 despite a spirited performance from the newly formed team.

Tuesday Morning League

The next day we saw the ever popular Tuesday Morning League take place and this saw the reigning champions Villans take on last years runners up Maxums in a match that saw some superb bowls played before Villans took a 6-0 win. Smooth Matters who are a new team to the League were given a reminder as to how good the opposition in this league can be as they were beaten 6-0 by Onchan Royals. Ellan Vannin beat Thru the Gap 4-2, Early Birds lost 5-1 to Ramsey Raiders and Cushags beat Hillbillies 4-2.

First Division Pairs

Tuesday night saw the First Division Pairs take to the Indoor Bowling Rink and Spinners showed good form to beat Enigma 4-0, 1 in 4 lost 4-0 to Kencoe and the newly promoted Villa Boys drew 2-2 with Unbelieveabowls.

I will look at the remaining three sessions of the week in next weeks report and after that we will look at the League on a weekly basis as the season starts to take shape but at the moment the form teams from last season seem to be taking the honours.

Final Week sees good bowling

In the final week of the Indoor Bowls season we saw some great bowling which went to prove how much the standard of the game is improving locally.

In the Premier Pairs the Champions Dragons were held to a draw by Likely Lads while second placed Cheesemakers beat third placed Villans 4-0 in a game that saw Cheesemakers playing very well and Villans not getting any luck on the night. Young Guns beat Northern Nomads 4-0 and Spinners achieved the same result against Jazz while Radical Heads and Tee Pegs played out a 2-2 draw.

In the final night of the 2018/2019 Season we saw the First Division Team Champions Maxums have a bye and the runners up Odd Balls beat Mann Utd 6-0. Smugglers beat Castletown Crofters 4-2, Bowledly Going Nowhere had a strong 6-0 win over Flat Mats and Odds and Bob’s finished strongly with a 5-1 win over third placed D.N.A.

So with this being the end of the season I will give a quick look at the final leagues positions.  In the Premier Pairs we have Dragons as Champions with Cheesemakers runner up and Jazz relegated.

In the First Division Pairs we have the League Champions as Orange Peelers, runner up is Castletown Crofters and relegated are Odds and Bobs.

The Second Division Pairs has been a great success and has seen the development of a number of newcomers, the Champions are Odds and Bob’s 2 with the runner up Reckless Rollers with no relegation from this League.

The Premier Team League was won by Dragons with QPR as runner up and relegated are Saltire. This has been a hotly contested League with some very close matches throughout the Season and I have watched some great bowling at the games.

The First Division Teams League has been supported with great enthusiasm and the Champions from this are the very popular Maxums with Odd Balls as runner up.

Finally we look at the equally enthusiastically supported and popular Morning League which saw Villans become Champions for the third year in succession with Maxums as runner and again there is no relegation from this league.

So that brings the 2018/2019 Season to a close and may I wish good luck to all for their outdoor summer bowling whether it be in Crown Green or Lawn Bowls and don’t forget the A.G.M. on 29th March  at the N.S.C.


Maxums win First Division Teams League

Shaun seal bowling at the NSC

On Thursday 7th March Maxums lined up against Odds and Bobs hoping to get a 6-0 win to strengthen their lead over Odd Balls who were breathing down their necks to take the League Championship. Shaun Seal of Odds and Bobs however had different ideas and with a great show of bowling pulled off a good win against Phil Smith in the Singles. This didn’t put off Maxums who played well to take the Pairs and Triples and earn a 4-2 victory.

Odd Balls were then left to push for a win against Castletown Crofters but the Southerners ran out 4-2 winners which ensured that Maxums couldn’t be beaten and sealed the League win with one week still left to go. In the other matches Mann United lost 4-2 to Flat Mats and DNA drew 3-3 with Smuggles.

This left Maxums as League Champions with 62 points, Odd Balls in a safe second place with 55 points and DNA third with 49 points and closely followed by Castletown Crofters on 48 points and still able to take third place over DNA  depending on the results on 14th March.

In the Premier Pairs League Champions Dragons beat Tee Pegs 4-0, Likely Lads lost 4-0 to Cheesemakers, Villans were unable to play and so Young Guns took a 4-0 walkover and Northern Nomads and Jazz played out a 2-2 draw.

This left Dragons top of the Premier Pairs League having already sealed the Championship on 60 points followed by Cheesemakers on 46 points and Villans on 42 points.

This left one more week to play for the Premier Pairs and First Division Team Leagues with all the other Leagues having finished for the season.

The Trophies for all the Leagues which will be presented at the Annual General Meeting which will be held in the Bowls Hall at the N.S.C on Friday 29th March at 6-30pm and would be great to see a good turnout for this.

Maxums lose but still favourite to win First Division Teams League

The First Division Teams League saw long term leaders Maxums defeated 4-2 by Bowledly Going Nowhere which gave second placed Odd Balls a chance to close the gap on them by beating Flat Mats 4-2 while in a hard fought match Castletown Crofters and DNA drew 3-3 while Odds and Bobs beat Smugglers 4-2.

So with two more weeks to go this left Maxums top with 58 points followed by Odd Balls on 53 and DNA third on 46 points. This now makes it look as if this League will go ‘right down to the wire’ as Maxums have only one match to play as they have the ‘bye’ on the last week leaving Odd Ball two matches in which to close the gap and overhaul Maxums.

In the Premier Pairs the Dragons pairing of Clive and Mark McGreal increased their lead with a 4-0 win over Radical Heads while Villans just held on to second spot with a draw against Jazz. Third placed Cheesmakers had a good 4-0 win against Young Guns and Likely Lads beat Tee Pegs 4-0.

This leaves Dragons in first place with 56 points, Villans second with 42 points and Cheesmakers third also on 42 points.

As these two Leagues are the only remaining ones still not to be completed we will have a look at the winners and runners up in the remaining Leagues which are as follows:

  • Premier Teams – Winners – Dragons 61 pts Runner Up – QPR 56 pts.
  • Morning League – Winners – Villans 84 pts Runner Up – Maxums 75 pts.
  • First Div Pairs – Winners – Orange Peelers 38 pts Runner – Up Castletown Crofters 34 pts.
  • Second Div Pairs- Winners – Odds and Bobs 2 – 46 pts Runner Up – Reckless Rollers 37 pts.

So only two weeks now until all matches are completed but please do not forget the Annual General Meeting on Friday 29th March at 6-30 pm in the NSC Bowls Hall.

Dragons march on in Premier Pairs

With only three Leagues left to finish the Premier Pairs League saw Dragons needing a 4-0 result to seal a League win and they achieved this by beating Young Guns 4-0 while Villans moved into a clear second place by beating Spinners 4-0.  Cheesemakers lost 3-1 to Tee Pegs and Likely Lads and Jazz played out a 2-2 draw while Northern Nomads lost 4-0 to Radical Heads. This then sees Dragons in the lead with 52 points followed by Villans on 40 points and Cheesemakers in third with 38 points.

In the last fixture of the Tuesday Morning League we saw Villans who already won the League finish with a 4-2 win over Castletown Crofters while Maxums sealed second place with a 4-2 win against Onchan Royals. Hillbillies beat Ramsey Raiders 5-1 and Thru the Gap also had a 5-1 win over Ellan Vannin. In the final match Cushags ended their season with a 4-2 win over Early Birds. So after eighteen very enthusiastically supported matches in the Morning League we saw Villans top the table with 84 points followed by Maxums on 75 points and in third place Onchan Royals with 68 points.

The First Division Teams saw leaders Maxums beat Mann Utd 5-1, Odd Balls beat DNA 4-2 and Flat Mats beat Smugglers 6-0 while in the final match Odds and Bobs took a 4-2 win over Bowledly Going Nowhere. The League Positions after this with three matches left to play are Maxums at the top with 56 points, Odd Balls second with 47 points and DNA third on 43 points.

Finally this week may I remind all Isle of Man Indoor Bowling Association members that the Annual General Meeting will be at the NSC on Friday 29th March at 6-30pm and all ‘Notices of Motion’ should be emailed to by 1st March.

League success for Dragons, Orange Peelers, Odds and Bobs 2 and Villans

With the Indoor Bowls season coming to a close we have a number of League Champions already decided although there are still a number of matches yet to be played.

In the Premier Teams the season has come to an end and a 3-3 draw with TBC was enough to take Dragons to a league win with QPR being runners up. This left the final top three in the league as Dragons on 61 points, QPR on 56 points and Villans on 53 points.

The First Division Pairs season also came to an end and Orange Peelers who started the last league night with a two point lead over Terriers took the League Champions title by drawing with eventual runners up Castletown Crofters while Terriers suffered a 4-0 loss to Odds and Bobs. The top three then ended as Orange Peelers on 38 points, Castletown Crofters on 34 points and Terriers also on 34 points.

A draw with Woodbourne Reds was enough to give Odds and Bobs 2 the title of Champions in Division 2 Pairs with Reckless Rollers taking the runner up slot despite losing 3-1 to Questionaires. The final top three being Odds and Bobs 2 on 46 points, Reckless Rollers on 37 points and Outcasts on 35 points.

Although the Tuesday Morning League still had one more week to go a 4-2 win over Hillbillies gave Villans the League Championship with Maxums in second place although it was still possible for them to be caught by Onchan Royals.

The Premier Pairs is not scheduled to end until 11th March and at the moment Dragons are in a strong position with an 11 point lead over Cheesemakers. The round of matches in this league on 11th February saw Dragons beat Northern Nomads 4-0 while Radical Heads drew with the Likely Lads and Cheesemakers, Villans and Young Guns all had 4-0 wins. The current top three in this league are Dragons on 48 points, Cheesemakers on 37 and Villans on 36 points.

In the First Division Teams the leaders Maxums beat Flat Mats 4-2, DNA beat Mann Utd 4-2, Castletown Crofters beat Odds and Bobs 4-2 and Smugglers had a 6-0 walkover when Bowledly Going Nowhere were unable to field a team. This then leaves Maxums top with 51 points followed by Odd Balls on 43 points and DNA on 41 points.