Close battle for the top in First Division Pairs

David Quirk, Muriel Cain and elf

After taking the lead in Week 9 of the First Division Pairs we saw Orange Peelers retain it in Week 10 with a 4-0 win over Huff n Puff but they find themselves in a very close battle with Terriers and Castletown Crofters also winning 4-0 and both ending the evening only one point behind them in second and third place in the League.

In the Premier Pairs League we see Dragons march on at the top and extend their lead over second placed Cheesemakers who were held to a draw by Radical Heads. Young Guns had a 4-0 win over Jazz and the Likely Lads also beat Northern Nomads by the same margin while Spinners and the Tee Pegs played out a 2-2 draw. This then leaves Dragons top on 34 points, Cheesemakers second on 27 points and Likely Lads and Young Guns follow on 25 points.

The Tuesday Morning Teams League saw leaders Villans beat Cushags 4-2 while second placed Maxums showed their strength as they beat Ramsey Raiders 6-0. Ellan Vannin also had a 6-0 victory against Hillbillies while Thru the Gap beat Castletown Crofters 4-2 and Onchan Royals had a convincing 6-0 win over Early Birds. This leaves Villans top of the League with 52 points followed by Maxums on 45 points and Ellan Vannin third on 38 points.

In the Premier Teams League Dragons beat QPR 4-2 while Villans had a 6-0 win over Saltire and TBC beat Ramsey Raiders 4-2 with the remaining match seeing Spinners beating Birdies 6-0 which leaves Dragons top on 46 points QPR second on 41 points and Villans third on 36 points.

In the First Division Teams leaders Maxums lost 4-2 to DNA while Oddballs took a 4-2 victory from Odds and Bobs. Smugglers had a 6-0 win over Mann Utd and Bowledly Going Nowhere had a 4-2 win over Castletown Crofters. The outcome of all this is that the league positions stay as last week with the first three being Maxums, DNA and Oddballs.

The Second Division Pairs saw leaders Odds and Bobs 2 manage to take a 4-0 win after a tough battle with Flats Mats with second placed Reckless Rollers having a walkover as Ramsey Raiders couldn’t field a team. Outcasts beat Corrin’s Folly 4-0 and Woodbourne Reds had a 4-0 win over Questionaires. The League positions after this are Odds and Bobs 2 top with 36 points followed by Reckless Rollers on 28 points and Outcasts on 23 points.

Please note
Finally a note to all bowlers that you must get your entries in for the Championships by this coming Sunday 23rd December by putting your names on the list in the NSC Bowls Hall.

On a personal note I would like to see a bigger entry for the Ladies Singles this year as I have been very impressed by the standard of bowling from our Ladies this season so far and if it is at all possible to fit it in I think it would be great to see an Open Singles League started next season in which I think that some of the Ladies would do very well against the Men.

Orange Peelers ‘pip’ Crofters and Terriers to lead League

Dave McCabe & Shaun Seal

The main story of Week 9 in the Indoor Bowls was the change in the top positions in the Division 1 Pairs where leaders Castletown Crofters were beaten 4-0 by Bowledly Going Nowhere and second placed Terriers were similarly beaten 4-0 by Orange Peelers. After a very tight match with both games going down to the final bowl Huff n Puff beat Odds and Bobs 4-0 and Enigma drew 2-2 with PAL. The ‘fruits’ of all these efforts was that OrangePeelers pipped the others to take top spot with 23 points followed by Terriers, Castletown Crofters and Huff n Puff all on 22 points and Bowledly Going Nowhere on 21 points.

In the Premier Pairs the Tee Pegs pushed  leaders Dragons very hard before eventually going down 4-0 and a hard fought match between Villans and Cheesemakers ended in a draw as did another keenly contested match between Likely Lads and Radical Heads. Also in this league Jazz beat Spinners 3-1 and Young Guns beat Northern Nomads 4-0. This leaves Dragons top on 30 points with Cheesemakers second on 25 points followed closely by Villans on 24 points.

In the Premier Teams Dragons beat Spinners 6-0 with leaders QPR going down 5-1 to  TBC with the latter teams Ben Dugdale showing fine form. Ramsey Raiders beat Saltire 6-0 and a strong performance from Birdies saw them beat Villans 4-2. With QPR losing it was Dragons then who took over the lead on 42 points ahead of QPR on 39 points and Villans on 30 points.

In the First Division Teams the leaders Maxums had a bye and the remaining matches all ended in 4-2 wins for Smugglers, Flat Mats, Castletown Crofters and MannUtd leaving Maxums top of the league on 34 points followed by DNA and Odd Balls both on 27 points.

The Second Division Pairs saw the leaders Odds and Bobs 2 held to a draw by Ramsey Raiders with a the latter having a ‘striking’ performance from Dave McCabe who played ‘weight’ with some considerable success in the first game. The ladies of Flat Mats who seem to get better as the season progresses beat Corrins Folly 4-0 and Reckless Rollers and Woodbourne Reds played out a draw. Questionaires had a 4-0 walkover as Outcasts were unable to field a team leaving Odds and Bobs 2 top with 32 points, Reckless Rollers follow on 24 points with Flat Mats third on 21 points.

In the ever popular Tuesday Morning Teams League we saw Villans hold the top position with a 6-0 win over Castletown Crofters while second placed Maxums also beat Thru the Gap 6-0 and third placed Ellan Vannin played out a 3-3 draw with Onchan Royals. Early Birds went down 4-2 to Cushags and Ramsey Raiders lost 5-1 to Hillbillies. This therefore means that Villans lead on 48 points followed by Maxums on 39 points and Ellan Vannin on 32 points.

QPR hold top spot in the Premier Team League

The Match of the Week in Week 8 of the Indoor Bowls has to be Villans against Dragons in the Premier Team League in a match which once again saw both teams playing superb bowls and Dragons finally taking the match with a ‘measure’ on the very last bowl. Elsewhere in this League another solid performance from TBC saw them beat Spinners 6-0, QPR also showed good form to take a similar 6-0 win over Ramsey Raiders and in a very close match we saw Saltire beat Birdies 4-2. These results left QPR topping the League with 38 points, Dragons second on 36 and Villans third on 28 points.

In the First Division Teams a solid 4-2 win for Maxums against Odds and Bobs saw them extend their lead over DNA to nine points as DNA lost 4-2 to Mann Utd. Also in this League Odd Balls beat Flat Mats 4-2 and Castletown Crofters lost 4-2 to Smugglers. This leaves Maxums leading the League on 34 points with DNA second and Odd Balls third both on 25 points.

In the Premier Pairs the strong Dragons pairing of Clive and Mark McGreal had a 4-0 victory over Likely Lads with the latter team also having a strong pair in Jimmy Sansom and David Quirk. Cheesemakers found themselves with a battle on their hands as they played Young Guns with this match ending a 2-2 draw. Villans also kept up their hopes of challenging for the League at the end of the season with a 4-0 win over Tee Pegs, Jazz and Northern Nomads played out a 2-2 draw as did Radical Heads and Spinners. The League leaders then are Dragons on 26 points with Cheesemakers second on 23 points and Villans third on 22 points.

The First Division Pairs saw a convincing 4-0 win for Bowledly Going Nowhere over PAL while Odds and Bobs drew with Orange Peelers as did Enigma with Huff n Puff and Castletown Crofters with Terriers leaving the latter team top of the League on 22 points with Castletown Crofters second also on 22 points and in third place Orange Peelers on 19 points.

In the Second Division Pairs we have Odds and Bobs 2 increasing their lead in the League by beating Corrins Folly 4-0 while Flat Mats also beat Questionaires 4-0 and Reckless Rollers and Outcasts played out a 2-2 draw. Unfortunately Ramsey Raiders were unable to turn out a pair for their match against Woodbourne Reds so the latter team were awarded a 4-0 walkover. This then leaves Odds and Bobs 2 top of the League with 30 points , Reckless Rollers second on 22 points and Outcasts third on 19 points.

The Tuesday Morning League saw wins for Villans, Onchan Royals, Castletown Crofters, Maxums and Ellan Vannin leaving Villans topping the League with 42 points followed by Maxums on 33 points and Ellan Vannin on 29 points.

Club Championship Reminder

Finally can I remind everyone that entries for the Championships must be in by 23rd December so please enter your names on the Lists in the NSC Bowls Hall.

Dragons breathe fire as they take top place

With the Premier Pairs opening Week 7 of the Indoor Bowls Season we had some great bowls in what up to now has been the most competitive of the Leagues. Radical Heads were beaten 4-0 by the Dragons with the latter living up to their name with a fierce performance. Young Guns lost 4-0 to Villans, Cheesemakers beat Jazz 4-0 and Likely Lads beat Tee Pegs 4-0. The final match in the Premier Pairs saw Northern Nomads draw with Spinners leaving Dragons in first place in the League on 22 points followed by Cheesemakers on 21 points with Likely Lads third on 19 points and Villans fourth on 18 points.

In the Tuesday Morning League we saw Early Birds beat Castletown Crofters 4-2, Maxums beat Ellan Vannin 5-1, Villans beat Hillbillies 6-0 with Ramsey Raiders and Cushags drawing 3-3 and finally Thru the Gap beat Onchan Royals 4-2. This left Villans leading the League on 36 points with Maxums second on 27 and Ellan Vannin third on 25 points.

Tuesday evenings First Division Pairs saw the leaders Castletown Crofters being beaten by Orange Peelers while Terriers beat Enigma 4-0 which put Terriers top of the League on 20 points with Castletown Crofters in second place also on 20 points and in third place Orange Peelers on 17 points.

The Premier Team League once more saw Dragons breathing fire as they showed good form to beat QPR 4-2 while Villans lost 4-2 to TBC. Spinners lost 4-2 to Saltire while Ramsey Raiders beat Birdies 4-2. This leaves Dragons leading the League on 33 points with TBC second on 32 points and Villans third on 25 points.

Thursdays First Division Teams matches saw the leaders Maxums taking a tight 4-2 win from Bowledly Going nowhere who moved into second place followed by DNA who beat Castletown Crofters 4-2. In the other matches Odds and Bobs drew with Smugglers and Flat Mats beat Mann Utd 6-0.

In the final nights bowling on Friday in the Second Division Pairs League we only saw one outright win as leaders Odds and Bobs 2 beat Woodbourne Reds 4-0 leaving Reckless Rollers v Flat Mats, Questionnaires v Ramsey Raiders and Outcasts v Corrin’s Folly all as 2-2 draws. This means that the top three in the league are Odds and Bobs 2 on 26 points with Reckless Rollers second on 20 points and Outcasts third with 17 points.

QPR and Dragons battle for lead in Team Premier League

In Week 6 of the Indoor Bowls we saw the battle for the lead in the Premier Team League intensify as Dragons beat TBC 6-0 and QPR took the same result in their match against Saltire. This put QPR top of the League with 30 points closely followed by Dragons on 29, in third place are Villans who beat Ramsey Raiders 4-2.

The Premier Pairs saw Dragons take the advantage with a 4-0 win over Young Guns while the other fancied teams could only manage draws with Villans drawing with Likely Lads, Cheesemakers drawing with Spinners and Radical Heads also taking a draw in their match against Northern Nomads. This leaves Dragons in the lead on 18 points followed by Cheesmakers on 17 points and then we have Likely Lads and Young Guns on 15 points closely followed by Villans on 14 and Radical Heads on 13.

In the Tuesday Morning League we saw Villans drop their first points as they were beaten 4-2 by second placed Ellan Vannin. Maxums had a strong performance with a 6-0 win over Castletown Crofters and in a very close match Cushags had a tight 4-2 win over Onchan Royals. Thru the Gap beat Hillbillies 6-0 and Ramsey Raiders beat Early Birds 4-2. This meant that Villans still lead with 40 points followed by Ellan Vannin on 24 points and Maxums on 22 points.

The First Division Pairs saw leaders Castletown Crofters take a 4-0 win from Enigma while Terriers beat Odds and Bobs 3-1 and Huff n Puff beat P.A.L 4-0 with the final game being a tight 2-2 draw between Bowledly Going Nowhere and Orange Peelers. This meant that Castletown Crofters lead on 20 points with Terriers on 16 points and Huff n Puff third with 14 points.

The shock result of the week came in the First Division Teams where Odd Balls beat the leaders Maxums 5-1. Castletown Crofters beat Mann Utd 6-0 with Bowledly Going Nowhere also beating Odds and Bobs 6-0. Finally in this League we saw Flat Mats take their first win off the season by beating Smugglers 4-2. This meant that Maxums still lead from Bowledly Going Nowhere with Odd Balls in third place.

The Second Division Pairs saw leaders Reckless Rollers play second place Odds and Bobs 2 in a hard fought match which eventually saw Odds and Bobs 2 come away with a 4-0 win to take them to the top of the League. The other big story was of Questionnaires which is made up of two men new to the game who have practised hard and get better each week and this time they took their first win by beating the experienced Woodbourne Reds 3-1. Outcasts and Flat Mats had a 2-2 draw and Corrin’s Folly took a 4-0 win when Ramsey Raiders were unable to field a team. So in this league Odds and Bobs 2 now lead with 22points, Reckless Rollers are second on 18 points and Outcasts third on 15 points.

Premier Pairs League ‘lights up’ on bonfire night

The Indoor Bowls Premier Pairs League was well and truly lit up on November 5th with some sparkling bowls and amazing results with one result in particular seeing Likely Lads rocketing up the League Table.

Likely Lads took on Cheesemakers who until then had a 100% record and with Jimmy Sansom and David Quirk playing really well for Likely Lads they inflicted a 4-0 defeat on Cheesemakers.

Villans also had a good 4-0 win over Jazz while the strong Young Guns pairing of Ben and Tony Dugdale could only get a draw in their match with Spinners. In the other two matches in this league we saw Dragons beat Northern Nomads 4-0 while Radical Heads also pulled off a 4-0 win over Tee Pegs.

These results really opened up the League with any one of the first six teams being in with a chance of picking up the awards at the end of the season as we were left with Cheesemakers and Young Guns on 15 points, Dragons on 14, Likely Lads on 13, Villans on 12 and Radical Heads with 11.

In the Tuesday morning league the leaders Villans took the only 6-0 victory off the day as they beat Early Birds while Ellan Vannin maintained second place despite losing 4-2 to Castletown Crofters who moved up to third place.

The First Division Pairs saw League Leaders Castletown Crofters being held to a draw by PAL but with Terriers losing 3-1 to Orange Peelers the Crofters still maintained the lead followed by Terriers and Orange Peelers.

In the Premier Teams we once more saw some really close matches with QPR just squeezing a 4-2 win over Villans and Spinners also getting a 4-2 win over TBC. There was also wins for Dragons and Ramsey Raiders which left QPR leading the league followed by Dragons and Villans.

In the First Division we have Maxums looking strong favourites to win the league after a 6-0 win over Flat Mats with DNA moving into second place and Bowledly Going Nowhere moving up to third place.

After Friday nights Second Division Pairs we still have Reckless Rollers leading but very closely followed by Odds and Bobs 2 with both being on 18 points with Outcasts in third place on 13 points.

So at the end of yet another good weeks bowling many were looking forward to some fascinating matches in Monday’s Premier Pairs with Likely Lads playing Villans and Dragons playing Young Guns and Cheesemakers playing Spinners with the latter team being more than capable of pulling off a shock result.

Cheesemakers take clear lead in Premier Pairs

The Cheesemakers pairing of Trevor Quayle and Wayne Roberts moved into a two point lead over Young Guns in the Isle of Man Indoor Bowling Premier Pairs with a strong 4-0 victory over Tee Pegs while the Young Guns could only manage a 2-2 draw with a tough Radical Heads team. In third place are Dragons who played out a 2-2 draw with Spinners.

In the Tuesday Morning Team League we saw the current leaders Villans beat second placed Maxums 4-2 while Ellan Vannin had a 6-0 win over Early Birds to overtake Maxums and move into second place closely followed by Castletown Crofters who took third spot.

It was a successful day for the Castletown Crofters on Tuesday as in the evening they took the League lead with a 4-0 victory over Odds and Bob’s while Terriers beat Huff n Puff 4-0 to move into second place and Enigma dropped to third after being beaten 3-1 by Orange Peelers.

On Wednesday evening the Premier Pairs produced some great bowling and especially the game between Dragons and Villans produced some really high class bowling and despite great bowls from the Villans on the night they were outplayed particularly by Mark McGreal who played some exceptional shots and it was a pleasure to watch this game which ended 5-1 to the Dragons. QPR were beaten 4-2 by the Birdies, Spinners beat Ramsey Raiders 5-1 and Saltire lost 6-0 to TBC. This leaves QPR top with 20 points, Dragons second on 19 points and Villans third with 17 points.

Thursdays First Division Teams saw leaders Maxums beat Smugglers 6-0 and second placed DNA lost 4-2 to Odd Balls who in turn moved up to third.

The final games of the week the Second Division Pairs saw everything closing up at the top with leaders Reckless Rollers being held to a draw by Outcasts and although they stayed top of the League they were joined on fourteen points by Odds and Bobs 2 with Outcasts third on nine points.

The Committee and Members of the Isle of Man Indoor Bowling Association were delighted at the performance of member Clive McGreal who was competing in Australia in Lawn Bowls in the World Singles Champion of Champions Event. Playing great bowls Clive got through the Group Stages to the Play Offs where he lost in the Quarter Finals to the Malaysian National Champion. This means that after all the bowls had been played that Clive finished a very creditable sixth out of twenty seven and he should be credited for a tremendous performance.

Also competing in the Ladies Event was Janice Pilling who had some very difficult opponents to play but still won three of her games and performed well to finish twentieth out of twenty six.

Three teams make an early break in Premier Team Event

The Tee Pegs, Marcia and Muriel
The Tee Pegs, Marcia and Muriel

After only the third week of the Indoor Bowls Season three teams have already built up a clear lead over the rest of the field in the Premier Team Event.  On  last Wednesday those at the Bowls Rink at the NSC saw some great bowling and at the end of the night we saw QPR take the lead having already achieved a maximum eighteen points followed by Villans on sixteen and Dragons on fourteen. They were then followed by three teams all on six points which is an incredible gap at this early point of the season.

In the First Division Teams we have Maxums in the lead with thirteen points closely followed by DNA, also on the same points total. Although these two teams are looking strong, I still expect Mann Utd and Castletown Crofters ‘to be breathing down their necks’ as the season progresses.

In the Tuesday morning league Villans have built up an early six-point lead over Maxums and Ellan Vannin, but this is a very competitive league and much could happen before the end of the season.

In the Premier Pairs we saw Cheesemakers take the league lead followed by Young Guns both having earned eleven points and we then have Dragons on eight points and Likely Lads on seven. If pushed at this stage of the season I would now say Cheesemakers have to be firm favourites to end at the top but there are some very skilful bowlers in all these teams who will be doing their best to prove me wrong.

In the First Division Pairs we have my early favourites Castletown Crofters and Enigma in first and second place and playing really excellent bowls, but Terriers can’t be ruled out as they following closely behind and could well be in the mix later in the season.

The Second Division Pairs is proving really successful this year and is proving to be very competitive. In this league we have Reckless Rollers in the lead on twelve points followed by Odd’s and Bobs 2 on ten points with Corrin’s Folly in third place having gained a total of eight points.

Young Guns set early pace in the Premier Pairs

The Questionnaires Friday night team
The Questionnaires Friday night team

After week two in the Premier Pairs we have only ‘Young Guns’ maintaining a 100% win record but this could come under serious threat when they face ‘Likely Lads’ in week three. I think however that this League is still wide open with any one of the first half dozen teams having a chance to take the honours at the end of the season.

In the First Division Pairs we have ‘Castletown Crofters’ again having gained full points and they are closely followed by ‘Terriers’ and ‘Enigma’ and it is already starting to look as if the eventual winner will come from one of these three teams.

In the Tuesday Morning League ‘Villans’ are the only team still on maximum points and are closely followed by ‘Ellan Vannin’ but I also think that ‘Maxums’ and ‘Onchan Royals’ could well be in the mix before the season reaches it’s halfway point.

The Premier Team League held on a Wednesday evening has all the makings of an epic battle that will go right ‘down to the wire’ with ‘Villans’ and ‘QPR’ both on twelve points with ‘Dragons’ close behind on ten. This battle will be worth watching closely throughout the season as all these teams have experienced and very capable players.

After only two weeks ‘Maxums’ and ‘DNA’ lead the rest of the field in the First Division Teams League by four points and I will be surprised if the winner does not come from one of these two teams.

And finally the Second Division Pairs which seems to have introduced quite a few new players is promising to be a close affair with the first four teams being separated by only two points and these are ‘Reckless Rollers’, ‘Outcasts’, ‘Odds and Bobs 2’ and ‘Corrin’s Folly’.

Club Championships

May I also take this opportunity to ask everyone interested to start thinking about the ‘Island Indoor Championships’ to be held in January so that they can sort out their teams etc and put their entries on the lists which are already on display in the NSC Bowls Hall.

2018/19 Indoor Bowls League opens

Likely lads pairs team
The Likely Lads

Last Monday 8th October saw the opening of the 2018/19 Manx Indoor Bowls Association League Season at the National Sports Centre.

The success of the pre-season ‘taster’ or ‘come and try it’ sessions was evident with a good number of new players and teams taking part with a total of fifty three teams playing in various Leagues throughout the week.

In the Premier Pairs League held on a Monday evening the battle for the top at the end I suspect will involve, Cheesemakers, Young Guns, Likely Lads, Dragons and last years Champions Villans with perhaps Radical Heads who are newcomers to this League being worth an outside bet.

In the Tuesday morning League for Teams I can see the main contenders being Onchan Royals, Ellan Vannin, Maxums and Villans with this League going right ‘down to the wire’.

Tuesday evenings First Division Pairs will I think be a ‘two horse race’ between Castletown Crofters and Enigma’.

The Premier Teams will be a very closely fought affair and will light up Wednesday nights at the NSC with Dragons, QPR. Villans and perhaps TBC all fighting for top spot.

The First Division Teams Thursday League will I feel be contested by DNA and Mann Utd and finally I come to the Friday night Second Division Pairs but here I find it impossible to predict the best as there are so many new teams and players.

At the conclusion of the first week after watching every session what I will say is that I have noticed some great improvement in a lot of players from last year and I am sure there may well be a few surprises before the season finishes in March 2019. Also it is great to see players and officials from both Lawn Bowls and Crown Green Bowls playing and working in harmony in this Indoor Bowls League.