Friday Night Pairs

If you have still not notified Tony Dugdale of your intention to enter a Team in the Second Division Pairs there is still some space for new teams but you need to contact Tony on 494783 as soon as possible.

Also if you need to pair up with a new player to make a pair then there are some players looking to join  a pair or team so if you are interested then contact me on 452294 and I will put you in touch with them.

Taster Sessions prior to new season.

After Saturday’s first Taster Session bringing through some new players you are reminded that there are two more sessions to follow. These are on Tuesday 25th September and Thursday 27th September from 18-30 to 21-00 and there will be experienced players in attendance to give guidance to newcomers.

If you know anyone from Lawn Bowls or Crown Green Bowls or in fact anyone who has not bowled before and would like to give it a go then please encourage them to come along and have a try.

Membership Forms will be available and also Committee Members will be present to answer any queries anyone may have.

2018 Season starts October 8th 2018.

The new Season is due to start week commencing 8th October 2018 and it is now vital that all members notify Tony Dugdale of their intention to enter a Team. Also Membership Forms can be downloaded from this site and payment made to the address shown on the Form.

If you have any queries regarding the new season there will be members of the Committee present at the N.S.C. Bowls Hall on Saturday 22nd September from 13-00 to 17-00 and on Tuesday 25th and Thursday 27th September from 18-30 to 21-00 when Taster Sessions are being held for new players.


Free Bowls Taster Sessions

Free bowls taster sessions will be taking place in the NSC Bowls Hall on the following dates:

  • Saturday 22nd September – 13:00 to 17:00
  • Tuesday 25th September – 18:30 to 21:00
  • Thursday 27th September – 18:30 to 21:00

Members of the Isle of Man Indoor Bowling Association will be in the NSC Bowls Hall to greet you and support anyone who has not played indoor bowls before.

This invitation is open to all players and non-players of any age but anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Crown green bowlers who would like to have a go are most welcome.

What do I need to bring?
Just yourself … or why not come along with a friend? All the required equipment will be provided on the night for you free of charge.

For further information please contact the Indoor Bowling Association’s Secretary Alan Pearson

NSC Locker Policy May 2018

The NSC has updated its locker policy, the details of which are below.

It should be noted that commencing the 2018-19 bowls season, only lockers situated within the bowls hall may be used by bowlers – see section 8 for more details.

  1. Purpose
    As a result of the Fire Risk Assessment conducted in April 2018 following a fire which was started in a locker at the NSC in March 2018 the following policy has been devised.
  2. Background
    The National Sports Centre has a substantial number of lockers in the facility for the storage of customer’s personal items during their time visiting the centre. Customers can use a 50p to release the key which is refunded when the locker is emptied before leaving the facility.
    Lockers are located in the following areas of the NSC:

    • Sports Hall Corridor
    • Swimming Pool Changing Village
    • Squash Corridor
    • Bowls Hall (lockers installed by Indoor Bowling Association)
    • Sports Hall Changing Room – Female
    • Sports Hall Changing Room – Male
    • Outdoor Changing Block – Female
    • Outdoor Changing Block – Male
  1. Conditions of Hire
    The following regulations are outlined in the NSC Booking Conditions of Hire:FB03b_Booking Conditions of Hire:

    21. Personal items must be kept in the lockers provided. The Department do not accept liability for any lost or stolen items, or damage or loss to any property or equipment whatsoever (including any theft from lockers).

    22. Lockers must only be used whilst the Hirer and the participants using the locker are at the NSC using the Facility. Locker keys must not be taken off the NSC premises, and the Department reserve the right to access any locker at any time without notice to users if deemed necessary in the opinion of the Duty Officer on shift. Lockers will be periodically checked and any items left in them will be removed and kept in lost property prior to disposal. You must not place, toxic, polluted or contaminated goods, flammable or hazardous goods, living plants or animals, food or perishable goods, inappropriate material or waste in the lockers.Customers hiring the facility on a regular basis (block bookings) sign a booking form to agree to the above Conditions of Hire. They are also displayed on the Customer Information notice board in the NSC reception area for casual hirers using the facilities.

  2. Locker Rules
    As a result of the Fire Risk Assessment conducted in April 2018 the following rules were implemented around the use of lockers in the NSC:

    • Under no circumstances should the following items be left in lockers AT ANY TIME:
      • Any known faulty electronic device
      • E-cigarettes (or equivalent devices)
      • Cigarette lighters
      • Illegal goods or consumables
      • Toxic, polluted or contaminated goods
    • Electronic devices, such as mobile phones/laptops or ipads can be stored in a locker
      for the duration of your activity but adhere to the following guidelines:

      • The device must be switched off (not just on standby).
      • The device must not be wrapped in any item of clothing/ towel as this could
        prevent any heat from the device from dissipating safely.
      • The device must only be stored loosely in the locker.
      • Portable chargers must not be used in the locker.
  1. Signage
    The NSC has prominent signage placed in the areas where lockers are located throughout the Centre. An example of the signage displayed can be found in Appendix A – Locker Safety Rules.
  2. Locker checks
    Customer lockers will be checked regularly by staff to ensure items are not being stored overnight. Any items left in lockers during these checks will be removed and placed in lost property prior to disposal.
  3. Staff Lockers
    NSC Staff are permitted to store clothes and personal items in the lockers in the staff room. However the same rules apply as outlined in section 4.0.
  4. Indoor Bowls Association Lockers
    The Indoor Bowls Association have purchased 100 small metal lockers which are located in the Bowls Hall.For the 2018/2019 season onwards upon hiring an annual locker from the Association Bowlers will sign up to agree to the following:

    All items are left in lockers at your own risk.

    The lockers provided in the Bowls Hall are supplied for use of bowls shoes and bowls equipment ONLY.

    The following items should not be left in lockers AT ANY TIME:

    • Any known faulty electronic device
    • E-cigarettes (or equivalent devices)
    • Cigarette lighters
    • Toxic, polluted or contaminated goods

    Electronic devices, such as mobile phones/laptops or iPads can be stored in a locker for the duration of your activity but not overnight and the following guidelines must be adhered to:

    • The device must be switched off (not just on standby).
    • The device must not be wrapped in any item of clothing/ towel as this could prevent any heat from the device from dissipating safely.
    • The device must only be stored loosely in the locker.
    • Portable chargers must not be used in the locker.

IOMIBA AGM – 12 April 2018 Agenda

The Isle of Man Indoor Bowling Association’s Annual General Meeting will take place at the NSC Bowls Hall on Thursday 12 April 2018, at 7pm

The 2018 Agenda is as follows:

  1. Welcome address
  2. Apologies
  3. Appointment of meeting Chairman
  4. Minutes of the 2017 AGM
  5. Matters arising
  6. Treasurer’s annual report
  7. Matters arising
  8. President’s annual report
  9. Address from NSC management
  10. Annual subscriptions
  11. Affiliation to World Indoor Bowls Council
  12. Election of Officers:-
    • President – vacant
    • Treasurer – vacant
    • Secretary
    • Fixtures Officer
    • Press Officer
    • Committee Members (2)
    • Website Manager
  1. Motions (5)
  2. Any Other Business.
  3. Chairman to close meeting.

2018 End of Season Report

2017/18 has once again been a busy season for the Isle of Man Indoor Bowling Association. The indoor bowling season which runs from October to March, is held at the National Sports Centre, Douglas and has seen members compete to take the honours in the various leagues and National Championships.

Leagues are held every evening Monday to Friday and on a Tuesday morning with a “round robin” on Saturday afternoon. National Championships are held towards the end of the season with the winners from the under 25’s , Ladies Singles & Men’s Singles representing the island at the World Indoor Bowls Council Championships held in Hartlepool.

This year Ben Dugdale represented the island in December at the under 25’s World Indoor Championships in Hartlepool. The Senior World Indoor Championships will be held at same venue in April with Muriel Cain Ladies Single Champion and Martin Paterson representing the island. The Men’s Singles Champion Mark McGreal is representing the island at the Commonwealth Games , therefore a further competition to determine a Male Singles representative was held and the winner Martin Paterson will be joining Muriel Cain next month to represent the island at a Championship which is no stranger to either of them, both aware of the stiff competition they will face.

League Results 2017/18

  • Monday Premier League Winners – Villans
  • Tuesday 1st Division Pairs winners – Jazz
  • Wednesday Premier Team Winners – The Dragons
  • Thursday 1st Divison Team Winners – Mann Utd
  • Friday 2nd Divison Pairs Winners – TerriersTuesday
  • Morning League Winners – Villans

Championship Results 2017/18

  • Under 25’s Singles – Ben Dugdale
  • Ladies Singles – Muriel Cain
  • Men’s Singles – Mark McGreal
  • Pairs – Wayne Roberts & Trevor Quayle
  • Triples – Win Kewley , Muriel Cain , Janice Pilling ( Marcia Pearson in 1st round of competition)  

The Indoor Bowling Association would like to thank all members for their support during this season and congratulate the winners of the various league titles and Championships, and all members who participated in those Championships with a particular “well done” to Lyn & Sid Bolton & Peter Greenlees who in their first indoor season and first Championships proved they will be ones to watch next season.  

The Association also wishes to Congratulate and send best wishes to Muriel Cain and Martin Paterson who will represent the island at the World Indoor Bowling Championships next month.

2018 AGM

The Association wishes to remind members that the Annual General Meeting will be held in the Bowls Hall, National Sports Centre on Thursday 12th April at 7pm .

Cain, Pilling and Kewley Take Triples Title

With reigning champions Rita Callan, David Quirk and Trevor Quayle not defending their title new names were destined for the trophy.

Bowls can at times be a game of chance and good luck which can sometimes outweigh even the most skilful or experienced of players. Lady Luck certainly was on the side of Muriel Cain, Janice Pilling and Win Kewley as despite some stiff opposition victory was theirs all the way. They started the competition under the captaincy of Marcia Pearson who unfortunately had to pull out at the semi-final stage, handing over the reins to Janice Pilling and the team drafting in Win Kewley. Their semi-final game against Eddie Carlyle, Nathan Hamilton and Mike Ashmole was a see-saw match with both teams taking turns in leading on the scoreboard. On the final end of their match the girls were lying 2 shots after some excellent long and accurate drawing bowls from Pilling when Carlyle played a spectacular firing shot to send the jack off the green and be re-spotted only to find his efforts were in vain as the nearest wood then belonged to the girls giving them the match and taking them into their first final together.

In the other semi-final husband and wife pairing of Stuart and Paula Garrett were joined by their league team mate Jimmy Sansom and they were up against the new team of David Quirk, Ray Osborne and newcomer Peter Greenlees. This was match of the championship as each and every end was so very close and could have gone either way. The experience and superb match play by the Garrett Sansom combination took them through to the final. Praise must go to Peter Greenlees who until last September had never bowled before and to David and Ray for bringing Peter up to such a standard so quickly.

In the final Muriel, Janice and Win won the toss and despite a somewhat shaky first end with all players not finding jack length the girls won the opening end with 2 shots. On the third end Stuart Garrett played an excellent weighted shot to move the jack and open his team’s account with one shot. Immediately the girls struck back with Pilling drawing in for another 2 shots. End 5 all players were again struggling with jack length but saw the girls winning the end and extending their lead to 8-1.

Paula, Stuart and Jimmy upped their game over the next 3 ends to close the gap to just one point behind Muriel, Janice and Win. On end 9 the team work between Cain and Pilling paid dividend with both scoring 2 shots each and extending their team’s lead by another 4 shots. End 10 saw the skills of Singles Champion Muriel Cain as she played some excellent drawing bowls to score another 3 shots closely followed by two ends of single shots for the girls giving them a tremendous lead of 17 shots to 7.

The sizzling form of Paula, Stuart and Jimmy in the previous rounds had almost completely deserted them whilst the girls led by a very determined and animated Pilling had settled into the match reaping the rewards despite at times playing several somewhat erratic bowls.

A short burst of superb drawing skills on the penultimate and final ends of the match saw Paula, Stuart and Jimmy raise their game to dominate play and score 7 shots. However it was too late to alter the outcome and Muriel, Janice and Win ran out the victors 17 shots to 14 and taking their first National Triples title.

Congratulations go to Muriel Cain, Janice Pilling and Win Kewley and not forgetting their original captain Marcia Pearson.

Commiserations go to Paula, Stuart and Jimmy on a valiant effort.

Thanks also goes to all competitors throughout the various stages of the competition, to the IOMIBA officials for running the event, the spectators and helpers, Norman Kneen for his photography and coin tossing skills and the NSC for the use of the facility.

This now concluded the 2017-18 indoor season and we will be returning in September with a new programme of leagues, competitions and social round robins.
Anyone interested in trying indoor bowls or joining the leagues next season, should contact the secretary via email at

Finally, the IOMIBA wishes good luck to Muriel Cain and Martin Paterson as they represent the Island next month at the forthcoming World Indoor Bowls Council’s senior world indoor singles and mixed pairs championships to be held in Hartlepool, England.